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(Bulk) Shatter -Weedsmart Jet Fuel


28 gram $509.99
14 gram $279.99
7 gram $159.99


(Bulk) Shatter Royal Kush (Hybrid)



7 grams $189.99
14 grams $229.99
28 gram $574.99


(Bulk) Shatter – Bruce Banner


7 gram $215
14 gram $ 350
28 gram $ 600


(Bulk) Shatter – Godfather Og (IN)



7 gram $210
14 gram $345
28 gram $630


(Bulk) Shatter – Lemon Skunk



7 gram $ 215
14 gram $ 375
28 gram $ 685


(Bulk) Shatter – Orange Creamsicle


28 gram $539.99
14 gram $289.99
7 gram $179.99


(Bulk) Shatter – Raspberry Cough


7 gram $210
14 gram $ 375
28 gram $ 635


3 Gram Shatter Sample Pack – *King Cobra Concentrates – *NEW FLAVORS*

$133.00 $119.00

3 Gram Shatter Sample Pack

Made by King Cobra Concentrates


Sample Pack contains 3 x 1 gram packs of King Cobra Concentrates Shatter 

*(Pre-packaged selections of our top-shelf shatters based on current stock)*


Current flavors in stock:

  • Taipan “Dutch Treat” (Hybrid) **In Stock**
  • Viper “Congolese” (Sativa) **In Stock**
  • Anaconda “White Rhino” (Indica) **SOLD OUT**
  • Cotton Mouth “Lemon Haze” (Sativa) **SOLD OUT**
  • Cobra “Jack Herer” (Hybrid) **In Stock**
  • Python “Nuken” (Indica) **NEW**
  • Black Mamba “Death Bubba” (Indica) **NEW**
  • Rattle Snake “AK47” (Hybrid) **NEW**
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91 Supreme Shatter


Shatter is a cannabis extract or concentrate that has gained immense popularity and has heavily embedded itself within cannabis lifestyles. 91 Supreme prides itself as one of the premier Canadian extraction companies, having won awards in the Karma Cup and many more. Their shatter is a stable and almost glass-like product that is made using real, strain specific buds and purged for over 105 hours for the cleanest possible BHO.

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AAA+ House Blend Shatter

$120.00 $70.00

Our AAA+ House Blend Shatter is made sourced from our AAA+ strain catalog, and only nugs are used to ensure a high quality product. Only medical-grade butane is used for distillations or extractions in conjunction with a state-of-the-art closed loop extraction system to guarantee a great product. This shatter is purged at an optimal temperature in a cascade vacuum oven for a minimum of 100 hours. The terpene-rich AAA+ House Blend Shatter is earthy, floral and slightly sweet in aroma and flavour.

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AAA+ Shatter Gram


With our Value Menu, you no longer have to compromise quality over pricing. Our AAA+ Shatter is processed using real buds and medical-grade butane, and put through a strict quality-assurance test to meet our standards.