Every batch of flower we stock is first lab tested to ensure it is free of bacteria, yeast, mold, and residual solvents. Additionally we test the Cannabinoid and Terpene profile so you know the THC, and CBD content as well as a more in depth breakdown. Check each strain’s description to see details on its test results.

If a strain is added to the shop before the lab results are available it is because they are from a trusted grower with a long standing track record of producing quality flower free of contaminants. Lab tests will be posted as soon as available.

We do our best to give an accurate representation of the product in our images. For example, if the batch is mostly popcorn buds, you will be able to see that in the pictures.

We offer a full money back guarantee on all orders. Every order receives a tracking number from Canada Post to view the progress of the shipment. We will send a full refund or store credit if your items do not arrive (as per Canada Post tracking).

Please enter correct shipping information, as we cannot be held accountable if a package arrives at the wrong address due to incorrect shipping info.

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